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Committees & Groups

The Parkside Board has established standing committees to assist with the financial and property management of the Association. The committees meet monthly, as determined by the Committee Chair, to address pending issues as outlined in the Committee Charter and as requested by the Board of Directors; and provide recommendations to the Board.
If you would like to get involved and have a say in the management of your community, speak up and contact the board today to join a committee.
Architectural Control Board
Chair: Eric Solomon
Budget and Finance Committee
Chair: Evan McLaughlin
          Walter Alesevich
          Andrew McDermott
Communications Committee
Chair: Stacy Horan
Grounds, Facilities & Amenities Committee
Chair: Doug Koeser
          Daniel Blum
AD-HOC Public Affairs Committee
Chair: Mark Benedict
AD-HOC Rules and Regs Working Group
Chair: Emily Weaver